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September 18th and 19th 2024, at the São Paulo Expo - SP

The Healthcare Innovation Show – HIS –   is the largest and most important health
technology and innovation event in Latin America! With over 180 leading brands
showcasing cutting-edge solutions for the sector, and 200 expert speakers
sharing impactful cases, invaluable knowledge, and emerging trends, HIS is an
unparalleled opportunity for networking, learning, and exploring the forefront
of healthcare innovation!

What is HIS!?

Since its inaugural edition in 2014, the Healthcare Innovation Show - HIS has served as a premier platform for bringing together decision-makers, influencers, and solutions from across the entire digital health chain. Organized by Informa Markets, renowned for events such as the Hospitalar Tradeshow, Saúde Business Forum, and numerous other healthcare related tradeshows and congresses worldwide, attended by over 700,000 healthcare professionals.

Today, HIS has solidified its position as the largest and most pivotal health technology and innovation event in Latin America, uniting over 180 leading brands over the course of two dynamic days.

Beyond fostering lucrative business opportunities and extensive networking, the event offers invaluable practical insights showcased through compelling success stories. Furthermore, the presence of startups dedicated to driving sectoral disruptions and innovation adds an enriching dimension to the event's comprehensive offerings.

HIS is the singular health event that gathers all decision
influencers with a focus on technology.

HIS offers qualified audiences conferences due to its stages featuring rich content, covering current themes, and presenting cases and solutions that demonstrate practical applications for your business nationwide.

HIS provides an intimate environment that fosters connections and
opens up numerous business possibilities.

Solutions from more than 180 brands!

In 2023, HIS introduced the Solutions Demonstration Stage, featuring presentations of cutting-edge technological solutions for the healthcare sector. This platform delivered concise yet comprehensive demonstrations, offering attendees a firsthand look at innovative solutions.

Additionally, the event featured panel discussions addressing trends and success stories from various institutions, further illustrating the practical application of innovation in the sector.

The digital transformation has already begun! 

Confira como foi o HIS 2023

João Henrique

I was at the wonderful HIS - Healthcare Innovation Show this past Thursday.

Lots of knowledge, news and possible cool suppliers for those who want to bring innovative solutions to the healthcare sector.

This was one of the first in-person events I went to since the start of the pandemic. I missed you.

João Moreira

I highlight Silvio Meira's agenda, good reflections on platform architectures and health ecosystems and FiGiTal.

Afterwards, I attended the interoperability panel, which, in addition to Luan's presence, also included Rafaela Guerra with important observations about interoperability in the scenario of a hospital network and healthcare provider.

In addition to this topic, it was possible to follow some cases of the patient's digital journey, the use of artificial intelligence to optimize processes and also the Bradesco Saúde NPS case very well presented by Fabio Daher.


#digitalhealth #vitta

Diogo Martins

It was incredible to be able to see the present and future of global health in an event with such important and necessary discussions and of course, very proud to see all this happening and being discussed here in Brazil 🇧🇷. Thank you for all the real and human connections I had there, I'll see you again next year.

HIS - Healthcare Innovation Show JoVE

#saude #health #educacao #education #inovacao #innovation #jov

Amanda Daniela Belinelo

What an event...HIS - Healthcare Innovation Show Congratulations, everything was great. Thank you Juliana Viana Fiusa Moro for being with me on this incredible day.

Several topics were debated on the stages and Silvio Meira's talk really caught my attention and I would like to congratulate him where he brought to us a very relevant topic "where Innovation is not technology but technology enables innovation".

Innovation is about changing behaviors and we have to focus health on PEOPLE.

Lilian Quintal Hoffmann and @FernandoTorelly congratulations on the brilliant explanation.

Cassia Bufolin

I was at HIS - Healthcare Innovation Show and there, in addition to meeting many friends, I had the pleasure of discovering new products and listening to several speakers show countless paths towards more collaborative and integrated healthcare.

Fantastic to see how the Teledermato project that we implemented at the Municipal Health Department of São Paulo in 2017/18 in partnership with Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein not only bore fruit, but also took on an immense dimension in the hands of Pedro Vieira, MD. He presented his AI image processing project for the Dermato, Neuro and Thorax areas, in addition to connecting the data with the RNDS, all with PROADI support.

Deivson Mundim

My thanks to the organization of HIS - Healthcare Innovation Show 2023 for two days of inspiring immersion that presented us with countless perspectives.

May the #futures arrive and may we be prepared for that future.

Innovation. Competitiveness. Longevity.

See you in 2024.

#healthcare #innovation #future #IA

Samuel Coelho

Yesterday and today I participated in HIS - Healthcare Innovation Show 2023 and it was incredible!!

I had the opportunity to attend several lectures by renowned experts in the field of health and technology. We discuss topics that are revolutionizing medicine, such as advanced telemedicine, AI for diagnostics and blockchain in health data management. These discussions opened my mind to the transformative potential of technology in healthcare.

I look forward to applying this knowledge to the solutions we develop here at Lyncas and contributing to a healthier and more efficient future!

#Health #MedicalTechnology #HIS2023"

Social Projects supported by HIS 2023

Informa Markets LATAM, a renowned organization recognized for its commitment to delivering quality events, extends its dedication to sustainability by supporting social projects aimed at fostering a positive impact on our community and the planet. This year, HIS 2023 proudly sponsored initiatives that align with our values, reflecting our ongoing efforts to integrate innovative and ethical practices into all aspects of our operations.






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